Our Motivation


We achieve the best results through collaboration and innovation.

Many companies operate globally. To this, they are often set up in international and decentralised teams. These developments have challenged a lot of organizations – not only since the pandemic. Team meetings to build trust and reflect the collaboration rarely or never take place. At the same time, many companies are increasingly relying on agile methods. The targeted development of team culture and inspiration is often not possible.

We want to change that with the Virtual Agile Training initiative. We want to provide a virtual platform with agile games to enable teams to learn, reflect and develop as an organization.

For us, after many tests and virtual trainings, Minecraft has proven to be a great solution for transporting “agile games” into the virtual world. After only a few minutes you will have gotten used to the new enivironment. Even “non-gamers” interact as if they were in the same room with the team – because they are. It is suitable for implementing anything that can be build together. Whether with Lego, paper or plasticine. And it is fun!

We believe that our idea lives from collabortation and feedback!
Therefore we will successively publish the instructions for the games as well as the materials, for example the Miro boards, here under the Creative Common license.

We cordially invite you to cooperate! Share your ideas and implement them! Develop new agile games that make the world a little better! We are open to anything as long as we make it available to the community.
Yvonne and Kristian

Our Team

Yvonne Ietia

Consultant and Agile Coach

Yvonne Ietia is an Agile Procurement Consultant at Heupel Consultants and specializes in agile, classic & hybrid project management.

Kristian Borkert

Lawyer and SCRUM Master

Kristian Borkert is the founder of the JURIBO law firm and specializes in IT law, IT sourcing, blockchain
and agile methods.