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Innovation and collaboration are how we achieve the best results.


In our Virtual Agile Training, you will not only learn about the effects and advantages of agile methods in a fun way, but also experience them first-hand.


The Virtual Agile Training is completely digital, so you enjoy full flexibility. It makes no difference if all participants are in one room or at one of the most beautiful beaches of this world.


The Virtual Agile Training is based on an extensive game world in Minecraft, in which you learn the application and implementation of agile methods playing various games.

Our Motivation

We achieve the best results through collaboration and innovation.

We want to provide teams a digital platform with agile games to enable them to learn, reflect and develop as an organization. With the Virtual Agile Training initiative, we want to create a community that develops agile games in Minecraft and makes them available to everyone under a Creative Common license. Take part!

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Our Community

“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

Helen Keller (1880 – 1968)

Virtual Agile Training is not just about developing teams. It is also about giving agilists, coaches and trainers a space for exchange and further development, especially with virtual training.

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Our Games

With our VIRTUAL AGILE TRAINING you will get to know agile methods and how they work in a fun way.

Build A House

In “Build A House” you build a house iteratively with SCRUM methods in a team, while the complexity increases over the course of the project.

Cube Production

In “Cube Production” you can reproduce predefined patterns yourself by using and comparing different project management methods.

Rapid Prototyping

In “Rapid Prototyping” you have the opportunity to build and experience prototypes and to obtain and implement feedback from your customers.

Donut Factory

In “Donut Factory” you simulate a production according to the push and pull principle and compare common working processes with Kanban.

Our Services

Here is an overview of how we are rethinking serious gamification.

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HR Assessment

How do you find the right employees?
We use agile games in Minecraft as a virtual assessment for teamwork and collaboration in order to find the right candidate.

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What our customers think…

Recommended seminar!
The basic knowledge on the subject of agile working methods and deductions for everyday work as a buyer and contract drafting are easy to understand.

Procurement Manager

Versatile with a lot of potential for a wide variety of companies and organizations. Very worthwhile and recommended. Get out of the comfort zone in a playful way
– great!

Agile Coach

Great games for
Team development and recruiting!
Minecraft – a great game to get to know yourself and others better and to strengthen cooperation.

HR Manager


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Also: Feel free to suggest a new agile game to us!